Welcome to Resurgam Lodge

Meetings & Events for All Masonic Bodies and The Masonic Hall

2024-2025 Resurgam Lodge Officers

Serving Resurgam Lodge and all of its Brothers for the 2024-2025 Masonic Year are the following officers, elected June 11, 2024, and regularly installed on June 29, 2024:

WM – Tye Harris; SW – Brandon Manchester; JW – Nick Huber; SEC – Mike Deakins, PM; TRS – Matt Buenzow, PM; SD – Dean Hansen; JD – Josh Schwingler; CHP – Jeffrey Larson. PM; SS – Hunter Shopene; JS – Jesse Kostopolous; M – Troy Magnuson, PM; T – James Taylor, PM.

You can call Resurgam Lodge at 605-996-4724.  If no one answers, please listen carefully to the telephone queue and you will be directed to specific information on various Masonic Bodies and general information.

The Worshipful Master, Senior & Junior Wardens, and Secretary can be reached at their respective email addresses:

Master – wmresurgam@resurgam.org;

Senior Warden – swresurgam@resurgam.org;

Junior Warden – jwresurgam@resurgam.org; and

Secretary – secresurgam@resurgam.org