Corn Palace Hillbilly Clan #161

Parading at 2011 & 2012 Imperial Sessions

2011 & 2012 Outhouse Initiations

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Denver Imperial July 4 2011Denver Hospitality 2011

On parade in Denver, July 4, 2011, and at the Hospitality Room later that evening...

Charlotte NC Observer Photo 7-4-2011Getting Ready in CharlotteOn the way to Charlotte 2012

Parading at Imperial, July 4, 2012, and someplace in Kentucky on the way down...

the upper left photograph is courtesy of the Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, North Carolina.

October 2012 Outhouse May 2012 Outhouse

October 2011 Outhouse                                                                                  May 2012 Outhouse

2012 Stampede Parade Mixer

Corn Palace Stampede  Rodeo Parade Mixer  - Good  Food, Good Beverages, Good Company,  and Good Hillbillies!

MIdwest 2010Rex, Wally, Popcorn and Santa